Kaiut Yoga

Hello!  I’m Laura and I enjoy teaching Kaiut Yoga to people who want more freedom in their bodies, or who just need a break from feeling busy. If you have experienced pain, trauma, or have felt depleted and would like to feel better, join me.  I’d love to lead you in a yoga practice that’s improved my life by helping me feel stronger, more at ease and more whole.


I found Kaiut Yoga in Boulder, Colorado in 2015 after a series of traumatic injuries resulted in unwanted limitations.  I remember feeling stiff and stuck, frustrated and trapped by pain.  The relief I felt in my hips after Francisco Kaiut introduced me to an initial sequence of foot and shoulder poses felt like . . . Eureka! I knew I’d found something special.  Kaiut Yoga is a practice that heals by guiding practitioners toward sensation in a systematic way.  The goal is freedom in every sense of the word.


Would you like to check out a Kaiut Yoga class in Boulder, Colorado?

Email me to receive up to four sample classes at either of these locations:

North Boulder
Cultivated Healing
  • Tuesday and Thursday
  • Mornings at 9:00
  • 3990 Broadway, Suite D
South Boulder
Strength in Motion
  • Tuesday and Thursday
  • Evenings at 5:30
  • 5277 Manhattan Circle, Suite 250

When not teaching Kaiut Yoga, I work as a visual artist in Boulder, Colorado.  Visit LauraTyler.com to check out my artwork and view workshop information.