Dipping into the encaustic palette, encaustic workshops with Laura Tyler in Boulder, Colorado

Dipping into red paint, photographed by Rebekah West

Encaustic Workshops in Boulder, Colorado

Encaustic has a plasticity and charisma that seduces the hand and the eye. Learn the basics in Basic Encaustic, an introductory techniques workshop for artists of all levels. Ready to go beyond the beginning? Sign up for Encaustic Transfer, an intermediate workshop for artists who would like to learn encaustic transfer techniques. Or try Open Paint, a continuing schedule of encaustic classes for artists who’ve taken an introductory workshop and would like to do more. Private encaustic lessons are available on request. Email me for more information.


Student Work
Sample work made by students in Basic Encaustic.

Encaustic sampler, Laurel's texture, basic encaustic workshops with Laura Tyler in Boulder, Colorado

An underlayer of collaged paper provided an interesting starting point for this artist. It informed the composition without dominating it.