Basic Encaustic Workshop

Saturday, June 15th, 2019, 9:00 am to noon
Cost: $195
Materials included.

Basic Encaustic is an introductory techniques workshop for artists of all levels who would like to learn the basics in a hands-on, information-rich, encaustic workshop. Make paintings with presence. Soak up the demonstrations.  Try your own hand at constructing a painted surface using basic encaustic techniques.


Registration closed.


What you will learn

  • Use the tools and equipment of encaustic painting to complete three 6″ x 6″ encaustic samplers
  • Explore depth by interleaving layers of translucent and opaque encaustic paint
  • Create texture using brushes and sgraffito tools
  • Learn to embed paper and other absorbent material into your paintings
  • Get the inside scoop on supplies, where and what to buy
  • Stay safe and healthy in the encaustic studio



The Encaustic Studio


Student Work

Translucency/Opacity Sampler

Translucency/Opacity Sampler

Here the aritst built a sense of depth by interleaving translucent and opaque layers of encaustic paint.

Texture Sampler

Texture Sampler

An underlayer of contrasting paint provided a graphic foundation for this artist's exploration of incised and scraped marks.

Margaret, Wilson, WY

Laura Tyler’s style makes it easy and fun!

Julie, Boulder, CO

Laura Tyler was excellent for giving guidance and then stepping out of the way. I did not feel that she was watching over my shoulder and felt a lot of freedom to do whatever I wanted.

Nicola, Boulder, CO

I enjoyed the private lesson so much!

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Basic Encaustic

An introductory techniques workshop for artists of all levels.

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Continuing Encaustic (formerly Open Paint) is an ongoing schedule of painting classes for artists who’ve taken Basic Encaustic and would like to do more.