Sometimes you need to go back to move forward

Here’s another from the series of transitional paintings I started late last year inspired by pop music and laurel wreaths. This one is called “Some Nights.” It’s a loose piece in encaustic that harkens back to an earlier, more process-oriented way of painting for me. Sometimes you need to go back to move forward.

"Some Nights" by Laura Tyler, encaustic on panel, 22" x 22"

“Some Nights” by Laura Tyler, encaustic on panel, 22″ x 22″

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Place does shape

The second in a series of ARTology panel conversations I’m co-producing is coming up next week. The goal of the event is to get a conversation about art and tech rolling in Boulder, Colorado, a small city with just a fledgling art scene and “more tech startups per capita than any U.S. metropolitan area.”

If you’ve ever felt inspired by a city where you’ve also felt like an outsider, join us! This conversation is for you.

ARTology 2: Identity
Thursday, February 20th, 6:00 to 7:30 pm
Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art
1750 13th Street, Boulder, CO 80302


“Place does shape people at a fundamental level.” – Victoria Plaut

Turns Out Where You Live Really Does Shape Who You Are
Cultural Identity
Boulder, Colorado, Most Popular City for Tech Startups, Study Says

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ARTology, thank you

Big thanks to all who turned out for ARTology’s inaugural event, a panel discussion about collecting and living with art, last month. Yes! We made an audio recording for the purpose of making a transcript. Stay tuned for highlights and notes. I’ll post them here when I have time.


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Reintroducing ARTology

Yay! I’m cheering because ARTology’s plans to host a series of talks about art and technology are back on track after getting waylaid by the flood. As someone who feels a real push/pull when it comes to digital media – I feel drawn to the pipeline and am profoundly discouraged by it – I’m eager to talk about this stuff and how it’s affecting people’s in-the-flesh art experiences.

You are invited to join me and guests – Laura James, fine art manager, Art + Soul Gallery; David Raddock, collector; and Nora Swan-Foster, Jungian analyst – for a panel discussion about collecting and living with art in an increasingly digital world.

ARTology 1: Collecting
Thursday, January 23rd, 6:00 to 7:30 pm
1701 15th Street, Suite C, Boulder, CO


ARTology is an artists’ collective that came together last year to produce events about art and technology in Boulder, Colorado.


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2013 was the year I fell in love with pop music. My gateway song was Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” the radio-search for which led to Robin Thicke and then somehow to digging up Fun’s older hits on YouTube. By the end of the year I was all in, singing along with Lorde to “Royals” and cheering for Katy Perry when “Roar” came on over the PA at the grocery store.

"Royals," encaustic on panel,

“Untitled (after Royals),” encaustic on panel, 22″ x 22″

The painting above is the first in a mini-series infused with the excellent pop of 2013.

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“My first memory is of the brightness of light …

Light all around.”

Georgia O’Keeffe

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Happy Thanksgiving, 2013

May you feel as happy and sated at this woman appears today.

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Eighth Annual International Encaustic Conference

There’s a single painting conference I look forward to every year whether I attend in person or enjoy vicariously through social media, the International Encaustic Conference in Provincetown, Massachusetts (a.k.a. the Conference). Two of the things I love about this conference are how its offerings reflect what’s happening in the larger art world (this year’s keynote by gallerist Kenise Barnes is about materiality), and how it draws artists from around the world.

It’s a pleasure to announce that I’m presenting a talk there, “Selling Material in a Digital World,” in June. Here are just a few of the people whose work I’m excited to see when I’m there.

Paula Roland


Meditative and aqueous, Paula Roland’s monotype demo is the one Conference demo I feel like I could watch all day. This year she’s presenting a demo called “Secrets of Using Graphite.” It looks fabulous.

Sharon Lauden

Sharon Lauden, author of the new book, Living and Sustaining a Creative Life, is presenting a talk of the same name. I’m excited to get a signed copy of this book which sold out its first run.

Nancy Azara


I’ve been a fan of Nancy Azara’s work in encaustic and metal leaf since I first saw images on the pages of Joanne Mattera’s book, The Art of Encaustic Painting. Azara is a Conference panelist this year. Topic: “Who Says a Commercial Gallery is the Only Place to Show?”

Wayne Montecalvo


Wayne Montecalvo is doing interesting things with portraiture, digital color separation and encaustic. His demo, “Photographic Color Separation for Collage,” also looks fabulous.

Laura Moriarity


It’s been fascinating to watch Laura Moriarty’s work transition from painting to sculpture. I hope to catch a glimpse of her latest geo-inspired objects at one or more of the Conference shows.

Eighth International Encaustic Conference
Selling Material in a Digital World
Paula Roland
Sharon Lauden
Nancy Azara
Wayne Montecalvo
Laura Moriarty

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Introducing ProWax Journal

Interested in what professional artists working in encaustic are talking about nationally? Check out ProWax Journal, an online publication produced by members of ProWax, a Facebook group organized by artist Joanne Mattera, producer of the International Encaustic Conference and author of The Art of Encaustic Painting. Mattera, a prolific writer and contributor to social media, has a reputation for unapologetically taking boosters in the encaustic community to task for short term or self serving thinking about the growing medium. Here’s an excerpt from Mattera’s description of ProWax, the group.

What we view as the “encaustic community” is in fact comprised of several groups, some professional and some not, which attract artists working at all levels of experience and achievement. As a professional artist who has worked seriously in encaustic for two decades, I was particularly interested in the conversation that might take place in a small collegial group whose experience was similar to mine.

ProWax Journal’s inaugural feature article, “The Artist’s Give and Take” by editor Maritza Ruiz-Kim, offers a thoughtful take on the different types of sharing happening in the encaustic community from good to bad. An excerpt:

As professional standards are assumed among a group of trusted colleagues, the freedom to share work and define the best practices for an art material such as encaustic can be achieved. Without this kind of artist community, the widespread understanding of the fundamentals of this specific medium can be misunderstood by professionals in each sector of the larger art world. With this kind of community, a healthy give and take occurs and high standards are discussed in a collegial manner, supporting us to make our best work.

ProWax Journal is a bi-monthly production.

ProWax Journal
International Encaustic Conference

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ARTology 1: Collecting is postponed

The first in a series of three panel discussons about art and tech I’m moderating in Boulder, Colorado is postponed while our community recovers from the flood.

UPDATE, October 3, 2013: The ARTology team – Sarah Kinn, Catherine Pistone, Ali Schultz and I – met last week to talk about rescheduling. We’ve postponed the inaugural ARTology panels until January through March 2014 so we can host three consecutive events without bumping into the holidays. I’ll let you know when the dates firm up.

Sarah Kinn
Catherine Pistone
Ali Schultz

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