Boulder Artists at EDGE in Lakewood, Colorado

EDGE Gallery is hosting a show of artists from Boulder’s NoBo Art District as part of Boulder/EDGE Gallery Swap, an inter-district exchange. Here are some snapshots of the show which you can check out through the weekend.  Boulder/EDGE Gallery Swap ends at 3:00 pm on Sunday, February 3rd.

"Novitiate," photograph by Laura Tyler, 2' x 3'

“Novitiate,” photograph by Laura Tyler, 2′ x 3′

EDGE is a pleasingly rough and sweet little gallery divided into two spaces.  There is a larger, more open space in the front, and an intimate room in the back.  Starting in back looking toward the front, here is an image of my photo, Novitiate, hanging on the west wall.  The material is Fujiflex face mounted on acrylic.  In the background are three warm toned monotypes by John Horner.  (About half the pieces in Boulder/EDGE Gallery Swap, including Horner’s below, are photos or prints framed under glass.  My snapshots here don’t do them justice but are enough, I hope, to give you a sense of the show.)

“An Uncommon Visitor,” monotype stencil print by John Horner

If you stand near Horner’s prints and look toward the back of the gallery you’ll see a few more of my photos (center) in the interior space.  The entry here is bordered by two paintings by Alissa Davies on the left, and two prints by Catherine Carilli on the right.

Looking toward the back of the gallery, Boulder/EDGE Gallery swap.

Here’s a closer look at my four photos in the interior room.  The material is, again, Fujiflex and the prints are framed under museum glass.  (Thank you, Mercury Framing.)

"Visitor," photograph by Laura Tyler in foreground

“Visitor,” photograph by Laura Tyler in foreground

On the wall to the right of the image above is this expressive oil painting by Catherine Carelli titled “Mystic Portal.”

“Mystic Portal,” oil on canvas with barn wood by Catherine Carilli.

Here is a second glimpse of two of Alissa Davies’ paintings hanging near a playful mobile by Michael Deragisch, one of three kinetic pieces in the show.

"Floating Notes," mobile by Michael Deragisch

“Floating Notes,” mobile by Michael Deragisch

If you stand under Deragisch’s Floating Notes and look toward the front of the gallery you’ll see this third painting by Alissa Davies in bold yellow and black with red.

"Mountain Calls," acrylic, by Alyssa Davies

“Mountain Calls,” acrylic, by Alyssa Davies

Glancing to the left are two paintings by Tracey Russell.  Like Carilli’s and Davies’, Russell’s paintings display an affinity for expressive gesture.

"The Warm Breeze," oil and mixed media on panel by Tracey Russell.

“The Warm Breeze,” oil and mixed media on panel by Tracey Russell.

This large, totemic painting by Samuel Austin hangs on the gallery’s east wall near the front window.  It’s an attention grabber.  (Check out the title in the caption below.)

"If You're Gonna Be a Bear Be a Grizzly," watercolor and acrylic by Sam Austin

“If You’re Gonna Be a Bear Be a Grizzly,” watercolor and acrylic by Sam Austin

If you stand at the front of the gallery and look to the left/west wall you’ll see a group of four photographs by Paula Gillen.  I relate a lot with her graphic, playful, feminist sensibility.  The subjects in the three images on the right are models posing with collaged elements.

"#MeToo Carrots," glclee print by Paula Gillen in foreground

“#MeToo Carrots,” glclee print by Paula Gillen in foreground

I’m sorry I failed to get good snapshots of Gillen’s photos above and Stefka Trusz’s below (due to glare) because their work is fab.  Click through to their sites linked to their names above to see what I’m talking about.

"Shadowing Buddha," (left) and "Solar Salvation," scenography by Stefka Trusz

“Shadowing Buddha,” (left) and “Solar Salvation,” scenography by Stefka Trusz

Not pictured in this post are Buffy Andrews’ layered, feminine works on the gallery’s north wall in mixed media/encaustic.  Check out Buffy Andrews’ work here.


Lakewood is a new location for EDGE having left their old location a little over a year ago due to gentrification.  The new location is easy to get to from Boulder and the gallery is sweet!  Stay tuned for EDGE artists in Boulder’s NoBo Art District later this year.

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