Boulder Artists at EDGE in Lakewood, Colorado

EDGE Gallery is hosting a show of artists from Boulder’s NoBo Art District as part of Boulder/EDGE Gallery Swap, an inter-district exchange. Here are some snapshots of the show which you can check out through the weekend.  Boulder/EDGE Gallery Swap ends at 3:00 pm on Sunday, February 3rd.

"Novitiate," photograph by Laura Tyler, 2' x 3'

“Novitiate,” photograph by Laura Tyler, 2′ x 3′

EDGE is a pleasingly rough and sweet little gallery divided into two spaces.  There is a larger, more open space in the front, and an intimate room in the back.  Starting in back looking toward the front, here is an image of my photo, Novitiate, hanging on the west wall.  The material is Fujiflex face mounted on acrylic.  In the background are three warm toned monotypes by John Horner.  (About half the pieces in Boulder/EDGE Gallery Swap, including Horner’s below, are photos or prints framed under glass.  My snapshots here don’t do them justice but are enough, I hope, to give you a sense of the show.)

“An Uncommon Visitor,” monotype stencil print by John Horner

If you stand near Horner’s prints and look toward the back of the gallery you’ll see a few more of my photos (center) in the interior space.  The entry here is bordered by two paintings by Alissa Davies on the left, and two prints by Catherine Carilli on the right.

Looking toward the back of the gallery, Boulder/EDGE Gallery swap.

Here’s a closer look at my four photos in the interior room.  The material is, again, Fujiflex and the prints are framed under museum glass.  (Thank you, Mercury Framing.)

"Visitor," photograph by Laura Tyler in foreground

“Visitor,” photograph by Laura Tyler in foreground

On the wall to the right of the image above is this expressive oil painting by Catherine Carelli titled “Mystic Portal.”

“Mystic Portal,” oil on canvas with barn wood by Catherine Carilli.

Here is a second glimpse of two of Alissa Davies’ paintings hanging near a playful mobile by Michael Deragisch, one of three kinetic pieces in the show.

"Floating Notes," mobile by Michael Deragisch

“Floating Notes,” mobile by Michael Deragisch

If you stand under Deragisch’s Floating Notes and look toward the front of the gallery you’ll see this third painting by Alissa Davies in bold yellow and black with red.

"Mountain Calls," acrylic, by Alyssa Davies

“Mountain Calls,” acrylic, by Alyssa Davies

Glancing to the left are two paintings by Tracey Russell.  Like Carilli’s and Davies’, Russell’s paintings display an affinity for expressive gesture.

"The Warm Breeze," oil and mixed media on panel by Tracey Russell.

“The Warm Breeze,” oil and mixed media on panel by Tracey Russell.

This large, totemic painting by Samuel Austin hangs on the gallery’s east wall near the front window.  It’s an attention grabber.  (Check out the title in the caption below.)

"If You're Gonna Be a Bear Be a Grizzly," watercolor and acrylic by Sam Austin

“If You’re Gonna Be a Bear Be a Grizzly,” watercolor and acrylic by Sam Austin

If you stand at the front of the gallery and look to the left/west wall you’ll see a group of four photographs by Paula Gillen.  I relate a lot with her graphic, playful, feminist sensibility.  The subjects in the three images on the right are models posing with collaged elements.

"#MeToo Carrots," glclee print by Paula Gillen in foreground

“#MeToo Carrots,” glclee print by Paula Gillen in foreground

I’m sorry I failed to get good snapshots of Gillen’s photos above and Stefka Trusz’s below (due to glare) because their work is fab.  Click through to their sites linked to their names above to see what I’m talking about.

"Shadowing Buddha," (left) and "Solar Salvation," scenography by Stefka Trusz

“Shadowing Buddha,” (left) and “Solar Salvation,” scenography by Stefka Trusz

Not pictured in this post are Buffy Andrews’ layered, feminine works on the gallery’s north wall in mixed media/encaustic.  Check out Buffy Andrews’ work here.


Lakewood is a new location for EDGE having left their old location a little over a year ago due to gentrification.  The new location is easy to get to from Boulder and the gallery is sweet!  Stay tuned for EDGE artists in Boulder’s NoBo Art District later this year.

Boulder/EDGE Gallery Swap

Join me at the Boulder/EDGE Gallery Swap opening this Friday, January 18th. EDGE Gallery, in cooperation with Boulder’s NoBo Art District, has invited ten Boulder artists to show in Lakewood’s 40 West District as part of an inter-district exchange. The image below, “Volunteer,” is one of five photos from Future Perfect in the show. If you can’t make the opening check out the show during EDGE’s regular hours through February 4th, 2019.

Volunteer, photograph

Volunteer, photograph

EDGE Gallery is located at 7001 W. Colfax, Lakewood, Colorado.   Friday’s opening is happening from 6:00 to 10:00 pm.


“EDGE is a contemporary, non-profit, co-op art gallery dedicated to artists outside the domain of commercial art venues. Because of our business model, we have the freedom to pursue more experimental and conceptual modes of expression. Our primary objectives are to celebrate individuality and uniqueness, to encourage our shared vision, and to maintain our intensity and integrity in addressing the often contradictory messages occurring in contemporary art.”


Part Two of the Boulder/EDGE Gallery Swap, an exhibition of EDGE artists in Boulder, is slated for later this year.





Happy Thanksgiving 2018

"Small White Blossom," wood engraving

“Small White Blossom,” wood engraving, 2018

The print to the left is a tiny wood engraving.  At 1.5″ x 2″ it’s smaller in real life than it appears here.  One of the joys of the last year for me – something I feel thankful for – has been rediscovering relief printmaking, a process I explored and loved as a younger person and am just now getting back into thanks to seeing so many amazing woodcuts at Mo’Print last spring. While there’s lots to love about relief printmaking the thing that’s hooking me in this moment is the potential for expression bounded by constraints.  I love the challenge of making images with stripped-to-the-elements qualities that say something about energy.  And I love working with wood.


Wishing you and yours a cozy Thanksgiving. May you find joy in some small thing you find, make or do this weekend.



Boulder Arts Week 2018

I use encaustic monotype as a sketch medium to try out combinations of texture, color and composition.  The monotype process is painterly and quick.  I like it because it doesn’t allow you to overthink.  Join me at 7:30 pm this Friday, April 6th for a demonstration at my studio during Boulder Arts Week.  The address is 1650 Yellow Pine Avenue, Boulder.  My studio is downstairs and will be open from 6:00 to 9:00 pm.

Untitled monotype by Laura Tyler

Untitled monotype by Laura Tyler

Boulder Arts Week Logo

New still life photographs: Future Perfect

Imagine you’re a three-year-old lying on the floor of your childhood home. You look up. The walls are raked with light. There’s a hallway made of planes that leads to another room. And the room beyond that has a different tone because of the way the sun is positioned in relationship to the house. You become aware of yourself as a sensing, physical being located in three dimensional space and you feel a sense of wonder.

"Patient," photograph

“Patient,” photograph, Future Perfect

Future Perfect is a new series of still life photographs in which I aim to reconcile physical and digital realities by building imaginary spaces using sculpture and digital photography.

"Novitiate," photograph

“Novitiate,” photograph

Each piece begins as an abstract painting of a botanical subject. Then I make a three-dimensional object based on the painting using wax and wood and photograph the object on seamless white background.

Yellow Chunk

“Yellow Chunk,” photograph

My goal is to make evocative images with a grounded, tactile quality that are also idealized.

“Volunteer,” photograph

Future perfect is also a grammatical tense that suggests an action yet to be completed, as in “I will have done this,” or “You will have done that.” It as an optimistic construction that allows us to communicate thoughts about an anticipated future that has yet to coalesce.

Check out the Future Perfect gallery on my site to see all current images.  This is a new series that I’ll be adding to in the new year.




Boulder Open Studios 2017, October 7-8 and 14-15

You’re invited!  My studio will be open to the public during Boulder Open Studios.  Stop by from noon to 6:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday, October 7-8 and 14-15.  The address is 1650 Yellow Pine Avenue, Boulder, Colorado 80304.

See "Novitiate," photograph during Boulder Open Studios 2017

“Novitiate,” photograph


See the first finished images from a new series of photographs titled, “Future Perfect.”  Minimal and bright, I’ll write more about these later, but for now just come and see!  Also on display: encaustic monotype, painting, and sculpture made of wood and wax.


The Boulder Open Studios Tour is one of Boulder’s best known and best loved visual arts events.  In an area with few established fine art galleries, it gives local artists an opportunity to show new work and connect.  It gives collectors a chance to meet artists and see new pieces before they go into a gallery.  For young artists coming up, Boulder Open Studios is a chance to meet working artists, see how people set up their studios, make work, and gather ideas.  I’m in it for the feedback.  It’s interesting to watch people interact with your work, see what they linger over and hear questions about it.




Alas, there was a mixup in printed guidebook this year and the image associated with my name in the guidebook is not mine.   If you’re looking for Jessica Tyler’s work, check her page out on Boulder’s Open Studios website.  The most reliable guide to Open Studios is the interactive website, not the printed guide nor PDF.

Boulder Arts Week 2017

Join me for some springtime art and cheer!  I’m hosting an open house at my studio in honor of Boulder Arts Week 2017 on Friday, April 7th.  Boulder Arts Week is a once-a-year celebration created to highlight the arts related goings-on that typically happen in Boulder in any given week.  While some artists create special events for Boulder Arts Week, others use it as a chance to let people know, “Hey, we’re here!  Check us out and see what we have on offer all year round.”


Boulder Arts Week Open House

Friday, April 7th, 6:00 to 9:00 pm

1650 Yellow Pine Ave. (downstairs)

Boulder, Colorado

encaustic monotype

“Bewitch,” encaustic monotype on rice paper mounted on panel, 8″ x 8″


Here are few images from a new series of monotypes.


“Strike,” encaustic on rice paper mounted on panel, 8″ x 8″


Monotypes are one-off prints with a painterly quality.  (I think of them as a print/paint hybrids.)  The process for making them is immediate and cathartic.


“Thrust,” encaustic on rice paper mounted on panel, 8″ x 8″


My palette for these is minimal, mostly indigo, plus some black, sepia and a few other colors.


“Meander,” encaustic on rice paper mounted on panel, 8″ x 8″


See these and more at the Fifth Annual Petite Holiday Fair at my studio this Saturday, December 10th!  Join me from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, 1650 Yellow Pine Avenue, Boulder, CO.


“Swoop,” encaustic on rice paper mounted on panel, 8″ x 8″



When Heaven and Nature Sing

Join me!  When Heaven and Nature Sing, a show of thirty-six paintings from One-Hundred Flowers is showing at Palette Contemporary Art and Craft in Albuquerque, New Mexico this December.


“Sun Pop” is one of thirty-six paintings in “When Heaven and Nature Sing” at Palette in Albuquerque this month.


While not much of a churchgoer, I do attend a service at my neighborhood church on Christmas Eve to sing the old songs by candlelight.  Joy to the World, is a regular on the roster.  The refrain, “and heaven and nature sing,” always gets me wondering . . . What is the relationship between heaven and nature in the song?  Can you explain it using color?


“Saber,” “Rethinking the Fossil Record,” ” Kewpie,” and “Juicy,” each is encaustic and ink on panel, 5″ x 4″


One Hundred Flowers is a series of paintings based on botanical subjects where I aim to balance abandon with order by putting loose, gesture drawings of organic, botanical forms through a series of refining steps.


“Kewpie,” encaustic and ink on panel, 5″ x 4″


Within each individual piece, I tend to go for analogous or tonal colors.  My goal is to arrive at a finished piece where the original subject is distilled to an essence, clarified, and transformed.


“Bean,” encaustic, ink and gold leaf on panel, 5″ x 4″


But the series as a whole contains a mix of analogous and complementary hues. The thirty-six pieces below are available at Palette starting today through the end of the month.  Call or email gallery director Kurt Nelson for more information.



Drink Me





It's Hard To Say


Simple Tree

Sun Pop




In the Middle of

A Stream of Charged Particles


Old Fashioned Rocketry


The Conformist





Good Morning

A Good Sign




The Way We Stand


Spitting Image

White Flag of Courage

Seaside Alley

Clean Clean