Welcome to my new website!

Yay! A project I thought would take a month (but that actually took over two) is finally done. Welcome to my new website and online shop.

"You," encaustic painting by Laura Tyler

“You,” encaustic and ink on panel, 5″ x 4″, SOLD

The most exciting development on the web since I last updated my site in 2011 is the arrival of e-commerce tools like WooCommerce and Shopify that allow you to set up your own shop. This gives you more control over your collectors’ experience. It also has the potential to reduce artists’ dependence on third party sites like Etsy for online sales. My old site worked mostly as a static gallery. Clean and cool, it served to a degree. But I never loved it as a mode of expression and struggled to keep it updated. Adding a shop to the new site has warmed things up by broadening how I think about photography. Taking inspiration from foodie sites (like the gorgeous QUITOKEETO) I am excited about allowing atmosphere to creep into my portfolio photography.  It is no longer solely a drudge activity. (To see more of QUITOKEETO proprietor Heidi Swanson’s food photography, check out her blog, 101 Cookbooks. Also worth a gander, the lush and sensitively photographed cannelle et vanilla.)



  • Big thanks to Andy Schwarz at amstec for his work (and patience!) on the design and technical end.
  • Need help visualizing a new version of your own site?  Check out this Web Design Sketchbook.  I used the free version and found it clarifying.
  • E-commerce powered by Woo.


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